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Paris est une fête – Ernest Hemingway

Paris est une fête (A Moveable Feast), is a long-time classic, which garnished the bookstores again in the wake of the terrible events nearly three years ago in Paris, depicting vignettes of the life Hemingway and his close friends and family lead while in France. It is the memoir of a young man wrote by a successful one from notes found in a trunk. It is laced with times spent with his friends of the time and depicted in an animated language.

To those who know Paris, it is a minute description of a romantic life in the city. The neighbourhoods and activities that Hemingway, his wife Hadley, and baby roam have this eternal freshness despite the variability of their condition. The fragility of writers, and artists in general, living in a society where fame or demise is a matter of days if not less is very apparent throughout this book. Hemingway’s doubts about his capacity to write, or opinion on his friends capacity to write is striking.

Hemingway’s posthumous autobiographical novel is one to go back to often, a keeper in the bookcase, to be read again going from a terrasse de café to the warming smell of a hot chocolate while overlooking the serene toits de Paris in the winter.

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